How much better do you think your quality of life and self esteem would be if you lost that extra weight, got toned, and built a
killer body?

Well that can happen when you sign up for one of our Calgary weight loss programs.  Wouldn’t you like to fit back into that designer dress or suit that you used to turn heads with? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could look at yourself in the mirror again? What about if you never had to wear those over-sized clothes anymore because you weren’t embarrassed by the way your body looks? Well now you can when you sign up for one of our weight loss Calgary programs and get started today.

Best of all, it takes only 3 intense workouts each week to start seeing results which means that you’ll be able to have a life outside of the fitness and weight loss center.  You read that correctly.  We know that the average individual today has a full weekly schedule of career and family responsibilities.  So we designed and developed our weight loss Calgary, AB programs to accommodate the individual who still wants to have a life and get back into shape as quickly as possible.  You didn’t have that luxury with that other Calgary weight loss program, did you?

We deliver results – not empty promises - because we employ real personal trainers, not some clipboard carrying flunky who is only around to sell memberships and earn a commission!

Our Calgary weight loss programs deliver the results we advertise – nothing less.  With the right combination of diet and exercise, and the guidance and instruction provided by your personal trainer, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you start seeing noticeable results.  You’re going to:

  • melt off that excess body fat
  • shed that extra weight
  • tone up those sagging muscles
  • build a killer body like you have always wanted

You may not be familiar with the exercises that we use but you’re going to be impressed with how simple they are and how quickly they afford you with serious weight loss Calgary results.  No other program in Alberta can provide you with the results that we can in as little time.  It’s that simple.  It only takes three things – dedication, desire, and determination!  If you’ve got that, your personal trainer is going to be committed to you achieving the results you’ve been looking for.

Laurie Johnsen

Christine Berry

You can’t fail unless you quit – it’s that simple!

And your personal trainer is going to hold you accountable and keep you motivated so that never happens.  After all, they know that if you aren’t successful, they can’t be either.  And that is what separates our personal trainers from those wannabes with those other Calgary weight loss programs.  Our personal trainers know what it takes and are going to do everything in their power to see to it that you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

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