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Most people today have no concept of what proper nutrition is.  That’s why the US is the one of most overweight countries in the world.  That was exactly why we designed and developed our nutrition in Calgary fitness and weight loss programs.  Most fitness and weight loss facilities don’t focus on anything more than taking your money and sending you off to some boring piece of exercise equipment to train by yourself without the proper guidance and instruction of a personal trainer.

Besides that, most of those other Alberta fitness and weight loss facilities do not hire qualified fitness and weight loss trainers.  They employ clipboard carrying flunkies who only know how to do one thing – sell memberships.  They don’t guide you through your workouts or teach you how to keep the weight off permanently.  So you lose the weight initially but don’t keep it off because you don’t know how to.  It’s that vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining it all back that so many of our members got trapped into as well.

As we already mentioned, one of the primary reasons behind the failure of other nutrition in Calgary programs is because they choose to hire membership salespeople, not certified and skilled personal trainers.  They only know how to carry a clipboard and sell more memberships.  The following is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t sign up for one of those other nutrition in Calgary programs:

  • those so-called trainers don’t keep you accountable
  • they don’t motivate you and push you to achieve your goals
  • they don’t guide you through your workouts
  • they don’t teach you the right combination of diet and exercise
  • they’re only committed to their paycheck – not your goals

And yet when you get discouraged and quit, you’re the one who gets labeled a failure.  That just doesn’t make any sense considering it wasn’t your fault that you didn’t succeed.

The bottom line is that you weren’t the failure!
That other nutrition in Calgary program failed you!

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The only way you’re going to fail is if you don’t have the dedication, desire, and determination to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.  You can’t fail with one of our nutrition in Calgary programs unless you quit, and you should know that your personal trainer won’t allow that to happen.  You’ll be held accountable for showing up at your workout sessions and your personal trainer will keep you motivated so you don’t get discouraged and quit!

But sitting there in front of the computer or TV and continuing to eat that disgusting junk food is not the way to accomplish your goals.  You need to take action and re-invest in your fitness and health TODAY!

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