If you’ve gotten frustrated with bland diets and torturing exercises at some other Calgary bootcamp, then it’s time to come see why our programs are the best!

We are well aware of how those other Calgary bootcamps work.  They guarantee results and all they deliver are empty promises.  Granted, you probably realized some temporary results when you worked out at that other Calgary bootcamp.  We know this because new members who sign up here at our Calgary, AB facility tell us all the time about the tasteless meals those other bootcamps force you to eat and the hours of torturing workouts on exercise machines and treadmills.  They tell you that the only way you can lose the weight and get fit is if you eat those meals and beat yourself up for hours on end in the gym.

Another downside to those other Calgary bootcamps out there is that they don’t employ real personal trainers, just a bunch of clipboard carrying flunkies who were hired to sell memberships and earn a paycheck, not train you the proper way.  They are only interested in their success – not yours.  No doubt they probably labeled you as a failure when you got discouraged and quit their program.  We don’t blame you because you were only following the directions they gave you.

The harsh reality is that you weren’t the failure.
That other bootcamp program failed you!

The only way you can fail with one of our Calgary bootcamp fitness and weight loss programs is if you give up and quit, and your personal trainer is not going to let that happen.  They will keep you motivated and push you to attain your fitness and weight loss goals as well as keeping you accountable so that you never miss your weekly workouts.  Our Calgary bootcamp programs will help you shed the body fat, melt off the weight, and get back into shape fast so that you can start enjoying that killer body that you have always wanted.

Best of all, you only need 3 intense workouts per week to achieve your goals.  Unlike those other Calgary bootcamps that demand you be working out during all of your free time, you can actually have a life outside of the fitness center or gym with our Calgary, AB programs.  That’s because we knew that the average person already had a hectic weekly schedule that was filled with family and job obligations.

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Start improving your quality of life TODAY!

Think about how much better your quality of life will be when you lose the weight, build a killer body, and aren’t afraid to look in the mirror anymore.  Additionally, you won’t have to wear those larger sized clothes anymore because you won’t be embarrassed by the way your body looks.  We’re not saying that this is going to be easy.  Losing weight and getting fit never is.  What we can tell you is that if you bring your dedication, desire, and determination to succeed, your personal trainer will stay committed to your success.

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