About Us

Jimmy's Bio

My story involves sports. Yes, I'm a jock.... always was, always will be. I played mainly football and basketball...I was a quarterback/kicker for football and a shooting guard for basketball in high school (I still play flag and touch football, and men's league basketball).

I came from a sports family where my dad coached both of those sports and still coaches with the U of C Dinos to this day. I had the privilege of playing football at the next level with the U of C Dinos at the place-kicker, punter, and wide-receiver positions.

It was a full time commitment. A two-hour practice 4 days a week, 4-5 hours of game film a week, weight training 4-5 hours per week. Oh, plus we played the actual game every weekend. It was like having a full time job on top of being a full time student. Believe me, I loved playing football, but I'd be lying to you if I said everyday was a picnic. Shoulder dislocations (I still have a cool scar from surgery), torn hamstrings, aching muscles, cold weather.... playing sports taught me a thing or two about commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Was it worth it? Without a doubt!!

Since I was taking Kinesiolgy in school, personal training seemed like a natural career path for me. I graduated in the spring of 2002 and started my career at a local corporate gym to hone my craft. I spent five years there and it was an awesome experience. That's actually where I met Heather.

It's a funny story, actually…

She was out from Toronto doing her practicum. The first time I saw her, I was in my monkey suit (I mean, staff uniform) and Heather was in plain workout clothes in the gym. Since Heather didn't know anyone, she was being nice trying to meet and greet the staff, and gave me a big smile from across the gym. I had no idea who this hot chick was smiling at me, but I sure thought I was the man.

(I can actually thank that monkey suit for helping me meet my future wife)!!

The rest as they say is history and we formed HEJI Fitness (short for Heather and Jimmy in case you were wondering) in the spring of 2007. We found a huge need in Calgary to help local residents achieve their goals and live not only a long, but healthy life.

Heather's Bio

I grew up doing gymnastics and playing soccer. I am an athlete but not to the extent that Jimmy was, I have always been too accident prone to be a great athlete! I have actually acquired the nickname “crash” where ever I go. However, I have always loved the outdoors, being in shape and feeling full of energy.

I went through a period in my early teenage years when I was very depressed. This experience really introduced me to the reality of what proper nutrition and exercise can do for your mental and physical well being. I did more for myself by focusing on my food choices and doing some sort of activity everyday, then any antidepressant did.

I was in awe of how amazing the body is at healing itself when you give it the right things. This is when I found my passion for the health industry. Every since the young age of 14 I have continually been learning about the body and how to best take care of, and it has been such a pleasure being able to teach other people everything I have learned through my experiences and schooling.

After high school it seemed to be a natural fit to go to school for something in the health industry. I wasn’t sure if personal training was going to be the best choice but I figured at the worst I would at least know more about how to take care of myself. It turns out though, I couldn’t have made a better choice. Everyday I grow more passionate about my clients about and what achieve together.

As Jimmy explained, we met at a local gym. I would love to say it was love at first sight but I don’t remember even smiling at him!! Although it was been love ever since! We have created an amazing training company through continually learning how to best help our clients.